Texas Celtic Warehouse: Filling your day with Shenanigans

About Us

Texas Celtic Warehouse is owned and operated by Denise and Jason Gouge. Both grew up in the tiny Texas town of Bremond before packing up and moving to the big city of Houston for job opportunities. know the ol' saying:
"You can take the boy (and girl) out of the country but you can't take the country out of the boy".
So after 20 years of city living, the couple packed up the young kids and moved back to the 5 generation family farm in Bremond, TX.  Here they could give their kids the farm life lessons, get back to nature and start a business involving things that had always interested them. Some of those things included: being regulars at the Texas Renaissance Festival and other heritage festivals, backpacking Europe, and learning about their own heritage.
TEXAS CELTIC WAREHOUSE began as a fun idea...let's see where it ends up.  
Hope y'all have fun with us while shopping online, shopping with us at our storefront in Bremond or meeting us at many of the area Celtic Festivals across TEXAS & neighboring states.
And visit our sister company, TEXAS SLAVIC & GERMAN WAREHOUSE at

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